7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery

We usually handle a good number of terms to designate the entrance space to hotels: lobby, foyer, hall, reception, entrance … and those denominations also indicate areas of the museums that represent similarities with the spaces of the museums, churches, temples or shopping centers.

Based on the reality of the entrance of the 7 Islas Hotel, the title “VESTÍBULO” emerges as an exhibition proposal since the main idea of ​​the 7 Islas has been to bring art to our hotel guests and to the public in Madrid, making our space more welcoming and making everyone feel at home. “Lobby” reaffirms this condition of exhibition of pieces within a public space that despite everything is not on public roads.

“VESTÍBULO” aims to bring together a group of pieces with pop references and suggestions to a collective popular memory. Icons, signs and symbols that, because they are well known, are in themselves communication – visual image – while others belong to our urban societies and / or participate in the world of medical sciences and therefore are familiar to us.

Pedro Almeida 2019


From September 19th 2019 to January 28th 2020.


7I Art Gallery, at 7 Islas Hotel Lobby
Calle Valverde 14, Madrid.

Pedro Almeida
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid

The visual artist Pedro Almeida was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he began his artistic career taking painting as a hobby. It is in Madrid where Almeida feels the need to objectify his paintings leading to some characters to literally leave their two-dimensional environment to the public space as in the exhibition “Vestíbulos”(lobby) presented at the 7 Islas Hotel.