7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
7i Art Gallery

Information, our information, circulates through the network with and without our permission, but does that information represent us?

And if not, what data really defines us?

Information about our lives that serve to, in the best case, propose customized advertising and at worst, information, also tailor-made, that allows us to manipulate ourselves better.

We spend a large part of our time creating a public / social character that we build every day and voluntarily distribute free of charge through all our social networks. Shouldn’t we take care of that data with care, clean it, polish it, rebuild it when it is damaged and transport it safely?

For this project, Juan José Bravo proposes an installation where he tries to make us think about big data, our identity, our information.

To do this, he builds toys, recycled wooden trucks made out of fruit boxes and loads them with his own information carved in wood as a merchandise.

It takes several weeks to build each of these data, letter by letter, cutting, sanding and varnishing wood. Am I sure they truly represent me?

Juan José Bravo 2020


From January 30th to April 30th 2020.


7I Art Gallery, at 7 Islas Hotel Lobby
Calle Valverde 14, Madrid.

Juan José Bravo
7i Art Gallery | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid

Born in Madrid, Juan José Bravo Matías began his artistic career at a very young age. In recent years, fascinated, interested and concerned about that technology that surrounds us, he created Big datA-2, where he proposes a reflection about big data, our identity, the information that represents us, that we give away, lose or gets stolen from us. For this, he proposes an installation where trucks made of recycled wood from fruit boxes transport their carved wood data, which aims to make us reflect on that identity.