Kikekeller | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Kikekeller | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Kikekeller | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Kikekeller | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Kikekeller | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Kikekeller | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
The interior designers of 7 Islas Hotel

They have devoted their life to that little craze of creating unique pieces of furniture that last over 1,000 years; and being the 7 Islas hotel packed with them.

¿Where does Kikekeller´s imaginary come from?

We go backwards from everybody else. We intend to return to the moment before the Bauhaus and Minimalism and pick up any debris left behind. To recycle engineering thought for hand made cars and planes but never used for homeware, wood has always been used. Recovering 50´s crafts to create everlasting objects.

I enter Kikekellers at 10:00 to find a designer´s workshop, working over projects, I return at 23:00 and… what do I find?

Celia: a creative venue with good atmosphere. People like the space, there´s even people chatting in the bathroom!

Kike: I like watching people from every age in the same place: elderlies in their 70´s going crazy over an strawberry gin & tonic beside a family with kids, and right downstairs the youngsters flock having their own drinks.

What is Malasaña like?

Kike: It´s a neighbourhood where you can buy dinner, awesome dinner, eat delicious bocadillos, buy your house furniture…

Celia: It´s like a little village, not like the other anonymous Madrid, it´s amazing, you feel protected.

How was 7 Islas hotel conceived?

The hotel was thought to enjoy Madrid; when you are already crashed get here to have something to eat or drink in the lobby and leave your shopping up in your room where everything is so comfy, you can look at yourself in the mirror with shopping that looks great on you. The 71 Art Gallery was thought because art is like eating, paramount, to see an art exhibit in the hotel seemed like fun to us both while the hotel changes with each exhibit at the same time you are bringing art to the people.

Jamonería López Pascual
Corredera Baja de San Pablo 13, 28004 Madrid

Espacio Espositivo
Calle Loreto y Chicote, 4, 28004 Madrid.

La Tasquita de Entrente
Calle de la Ballesta, 6, 28004 Madrid.

El Porrón Canalla
Calle de la Ballesta, 2, 28004 Madrid

Casa Macareno
Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 44, 28004 Madrid.

Spicy Yuli
Calle de Valverde, 42, 28004 Madrid.