Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
Rewisor | Hotel 7 Islas Madrid
The human face of technology

Angie Cardona and Rodrigo Taramona are the founders of Rewisor, a medium that constantly reviews the technological news so that we do not lose perspective between good and evil.

Today we are all hooked on technology. What do you think we gain and lose with this?Taramona: You can never win by hooking yourself to something, because something that becomes an addiction immediately becomes a problem. Technology is a tool, but sometimes we lose that perspective.
Technology is a way of realizing those ideas that we have that our body can not adapt. So if we use technology to improve our lives, we will do well, if we use it to take advantage or to replace things that only human relationships can give you is when we begin to do wrong.

Do you think that technology and well-being are concepts that can live in harmony? How can technology offer us well-being?
Taramona: You have access to wellness tools wherever you are. For example, now you have videos, podcasts and meditation applications. I now use a mindfulness application and I have a kind of personal tutor that helps me follow my routine. We do sport with videos.
Angie: I have been doing yoga for a long time with a video that I liked and I found online. Since I did not have time to go to classes I did it at home. You can also use internet to search for recipes, in our case it was useful when we stopped eating meat.

On your website you talk about “lifestyle, technology and networking for the human being that is to come …” How is that human you mention?
Taramona: I always say that we are all cyborgs, but for some reason we refuse or are not aware. For example, the mobile phone is an auxiliary brain, a thing where you have memories that if one day they take you away, it’s as if they took a piece of brain and erased it. If you took off your glasses, your skills would be reduced. We are increasingly co-dependent on technology, what transhumanists call posthumanism; We are no longer an animal that can live in nature, but we are transforming the world so that it adapts to us. How we do it will define us as a cool or very dodgy species.
What we are today as a species has nothing to do with what we will be in 30 years. As Gerd Leonhard says, in 20 years humanity will have changed more than in the last 300 years.

Traveling is a form of disconnection but … Do you need to go too far to disconnect?
Angie: No, I love the countryside and for example many times we go with the dog and bicycles to the Casa de Campo. I do not see any building there and for me that is to disconnect.
Taramona: Disconnecting is something more mental.
Angie: That’s right, you can even disconnected making mindfulness and you can relax without leaving your home.
Taramona: But traveling is cool, anywhere.


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