Always say yes to a plan in Madrid

Madrid Hotel Week

We are happy to be part for another year of the hotel week in its second edition in Madrid. Because we hotels are venues yet to be discovered, not so much by tourists, but by locals alike! Discover all that is going on from 5th to 11th of November in many of the hotels in Madrid.

A week for Madrid and for the Madrileños.

Old Casa Crespo

A shop that originally, back in 1863, was devoted to the production of hand-made ropes, hemp and esparto grass spadrilles in every colour, shape or style tailored to modern times. No doubt it is a familial success story, located in Calle Divino Pastor.

150-year history hand making esparto grass spadrilles.

La Colectiva Coffee Bar

A Coffee house and vegan kitchen where you get served, from terrific toasts to a quinoa salad with avocado, fennel and roasted pear. Crazy toasted coffee, grinded on the spot, and homemade pastries. You can breathe good vibe and peace at this place.

Vegan cooking and just-grinded coffee.

CDM Escuelas de San Antón

Living in the city is no excuse to not dive and do a few healthy lengths and water flips. The swimming pools at this venue are nice for relaxation and wellness. In addition, on top of it, from its glass-windows you will enjoy the beautiful views of Madrid. Splish, Splash!

Beautiful Madrid views from the pool.

Rediscovering Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is a wonderful sea; inspiration for artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Cézanne or Sorolla to find the balance between nature and happiness and churning city life. Dive into this exhibit on a sea that became an unexpected main motif in European Modern Art.

Mediterranean Sea, muse for Monet and Van Gogh

Skydeck from Moncloa's Lighthouse

You’ll begin enjoying Madrid views from the panoramic lift climbing up 92 metres to the Skydeck. Though it is precisely at the moment you get to the top when you’ll gaze at the incredible panoramic view of the city. Kiss your heights fear goodbye and come up!

Incredible panoramic views of Madrid.


From the name you can get a hint to what we might find at this delicate space with family atmosphere, haven´t you guessed? Indeed, the trees are the main characters. Hale and hearty bowls fixed with seasonal produce and local trade; check the list of providers on their web. It´s super tasty.

Season bowls from local trade.


This year´s international Jazz festival makes even more evident the influence of different popular worldwide sounds, and from the African-American style. As it can be seen at its very essence that from mixture the best comes up. There will be so many concerts and events that it will be the best you´ll find in the web!

A great International Jazz Festival.