Cross-out resolutions from day 1


Eat Madrid from the 23 Jan to 10 Feb in the festival for those who like to discover what´s new in the world of gastronomy and for those who simply admit that eating is an incomparable pleasure. A festival that joins together gastronomy and culture to treat ourselves with an always surprising offer.
Let´s eat Madrid!


Extremely delicate ceramic designs crafted the old way. Soft finish and perfect in dreamy colours is their trade. Ana and Natalia are the two women behind this project that, other than making their own product, collaborate with designers and particulars to make real anything imaginable.

Religion Speciality Coffee

“You shall love coffee over anything else…” prays the slogan for this venue devoted to coffee. Popular for serving blue coffee, yes, yes, sky blue is the colour and it has a very good taste. Bowls, tarts and an array of healthy breakfasts await you.

Detox Plan

Indeed, we have enjoyed the holidays and, yes we have also gone too far eating but… Let´s not talk of the past! Therefore, we suggest you start with a detox plan in the Fit Food store of Augusto Figueroa 28, just 8 minutes walk from the hotel.

ARCOmadrid 2019

With Peru as this year´s guest country, the Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo invites to discover this Latin-American country from the point of view of contemporary art creation and plastic culture. From the 21st of February to the 23rd of March lose yourself in the world of art and experiment new sensations.

Palacio de Cibeles Terrace

The iconic Palacio de Cibeles is a very enjoyable space in Madrid. On the one hand for its spectacular architecture, on the other for holding the cultural centre CentroCentro and lastly, because of the terrace open to the public to enjoy an emblematic view of Madrid. We love it.

Mama Campo

They self-refere as a life-long restaurant and such it is; because they serve life-long appetizers and assorted dishes plus in a healthier style, made of ecological and sustainable produce. The venue is filled with light and you´ll find it in the charismatic Plaza de Olavide.

The Passenger

Get on the train and travel for a thousand kilometres without ever getting off Madrid while you taste cocktails and quality ales, very good coffee and even better music, how? In this bar, set in a train from the early 20s with screens simulating windows, reproducing landscape images in motion. Brilliant!