End the year in top notch

Invisibles from Jaume Plensa

A Crystal Palace at the centre of a beautiful historical garden, El Retiro with an incredible art showroom, that of the sculptor Jaume Plensa, one of the Spanish artists with bigger international visibility. It consists of a sculptural group made of webs of steel suggesting faces criss-crossed by light. Awesome.

Steel webs drawing faces of light.

Xmas Vibes

Write down December 8th and 9th in your agenda, as it will be the ideal moment to do your Xmas shopping more relaxed, without any of the hustle and bustle. During the Xmas Vibes Market of design at Palacio de Cibeles, you’ll find a cared for selection of emerging designers, live music and lots of the Christmas spirit.

Christmas in the Design Market.

The Panotheca

It is the simple combination of flour, butter, eggs, orange and lemon grated grind, vanilla, water of orange blossom and aged rum, what makes of the roscón de Reyes a delight. And if this year you go for a high quality one, we recommend La Panotheca´s: ecologic, sourdough and superfluous adornment-free.

The roscón de reyes you must try.

The Organic Spa

A space for wellbeing, where you’ll come out feeling totally renewed and ready for Christmas, from the viewpoint of relaxation. Massages and luxury oriental treatments performed with natural and eco products. And it actually is the first Organic Spa from Europe. Treat yourself with the best professionals.

Live Christmas from relax.

The many faces of Genious

Submerge into the life of the great Leonardo de Vinci with this exhibit titled Los rostros del genio. You’ll get to know this multi-faceted Renaissance man through manuscripts, images and virtual reality! His renowned portrait Tavola Lucana together with the reconstructions of machines and the horse designed for Ludovico Sforza will be there.

Leonardo da Vinci exposed and in virtual reality.

Gofio Restaurant

You may ignore that the name of our hotel is inspired in the 7 Canary Islands where our roots come from. Hence, to recommend a restaurant inspired by our tradition is a must. Canariedad Máxima is the name of the tasting menu you will be able to try in Gofio; 15 dishes from the market and the season.

Taste the 7 Canary Islands in Madrid.

Crown of Thorns

The amazing architect Fernando Higueras, left behind an architectural footprint in Madrid unknown for more than one. An example might be The Crown of Thorns, a building currently harbours the Instituto de Patrimonio Cultural de España. A magical place both from the outside and the inside… Grab your camera, you won’t let go of it.

Fernando Higueras’s footprint in Madrid.

Christmas in Madrid

Madrid takes a bath in light at this time of the year making its streets and squares even more magical at night. Put on your jacket and comfy shoes and go for a stroll. From Gran Vía, through Callao and down to Sol to Plaza Mayor you shall enjoy enchanting moments.

A bath in light on streets and plazas.