For those who know how to enjoy Madrid in the summer

Players, Magnum exhibition

A few meters from the hotel you can visit an exhibition that shows the most playful face of 46 photographers of the prestigious Magnum Agency such as Bruce Davidson or Susan Meiselas. The intention? approaching that more relaxed and intimate part of those who have captured the best photographs in history

Hijo de Epigmenio

Origins never go out of style. That’s why a place full of crafts inspired by a craftsman father sounds like a perfect combination. All the objects in this store are of Spanish origin and have been selected with delicacy and an exquisite taste. Without a doubt, an essential in Madrid. You will find it close to the hotel!

New Balance by Mistura

The result of the collaboration between the Mistura and New Balance artisan ice cream shop. A pioneering concept in Spain: ice cream shop, cafeteria and shoe store in the same space. No more boredom waiting for your companion to choose some shoes … or the taste of ice cream! Healthy, locally sourced and made with love.

Yoga in the city

Although your favorite posture during summer is Shavasana, we recommend you take advantage of the good weather to harmonize your soul, mind and body in nature. El Parque del Oeste is full of ideal places to do it and in the Templo de Debod you will find open classes in the afternoons. Om Shanti.

Victor Vasarely

Observing a perfect combination of geometrical figures, colors and perspectives creates in many of us an inexplicable satisfaction. And if someone perfected this art known as Op-art to unsuspected limits was the artist Victor Vasarely in the 60s. His canvases, windows to which enter to abstract worlds full of life.

La Terraza Magnética

On weekends in July and August the terrace of the cultural space La Casa Encendida invites us to enter the Gus Van Sant ´s universe with his and others film projections in the summer cinema and concerts inspired by the atmosphere of this cult director at sunset. Yes, it is a very cool plan you can’t miss!

El Invernadero

In this restaurant a new menu is prepared every day inspired by what nature offers us based on roots, flowers, fruits, seeds, vegetables and mushrooms and animal proteins of choice combined with superfoods. It is the healthy haute cuisine proposal of the award-winning chef Ramiro de la Calle. Give it a try!

Veranos de la Villa

This year, “Los Veranos de la Villa” will once again dazzle us with different spaces of the capital to give place to contemporary shows truly for all tastes in theater, dance, circus, poetry, gastronomy, music and even sports. It becomes very appetizing to rediscover new corners of Madrid in this way.