Madrid in July, a thousand and one possibilities

PHotoESPAÑA 2018

The main event of the year’s photography floods the city with exhibitions, talks and events throughout the summer. This international festival of photography and visual arts celebrates its XX edition with an exquisite selection. Take a look at their website and find your plan.

Mato Handmade

Reduce, reuse and recycle becomes increasingly necessary to live in a cleaner and more sustainable world. The second life that this craftsman from Malasaña gives to the capsules of Nespresso is an example of this. Do not miss its spectacular sculpted insects, they are incredible.

Misión Café

The new signature café in the neighborhood awarded by Monocle in 2018. When you enter and taste that coffee, those homemade dishes full of tasty and healthy ingredients, you will understand why. On the menu you will find toasts, bowls, eggs and a homemade pastry that does not disappoint anyone.

Gus Van Sant exhibition

Do not miss this opportunity to get to know the pictorial and photographic world of the independent film director Gus Van Sant. In this exhibition, you will find a mix of films, short films, hypnotic polaroids, paintings and extremely inspiring drawings that tell us about his filmography, his interests and his personal universe.

Yoga Outdoor

Finding a place to practice yoga and meditation in the city can be complicated … But not impossible! Between the Museum of America and the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineers, there is a very quiet green area where you can put the mat.

Sunset from Malasaña

When the sun goes down, the Madrid sky is filled with pink, purple and orange colors that leave us enchanted. Stop to contemplate that light that sneaks between the buildings of, Malasaña, it’s rooftops and those reflections in the windows while the streetlamps are lit… Pure magic!


The “Galicia Calidade” can not be more true and if you want to experience it, we recommend you to visit this restaurant where the genuine Galician product is “contaminated”, or enriched, with influences from traveling cuisine. Sit at the bar and watch the whole process of making really tasty dishes. It is a real show!

Conde Duque

This art center begins to experiment as a factory of contemporary creation calling for residences for creators of performing arts. In parallel, it continues to hold dance shows, theater and interesting exhibitions. Come to see Ways of looking, a photographic exhibition through different looks that have passed through the EFTI school.