Recreated Madrid


Every night several plays shorter than 15 minutes are performed in front of a less than 15 people public in a small space. You will totally immerse in the story by being so close to the performers. What is lived within the four walls of Microteatro does not exist elsewhere. You will understand the plays even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Matadero Madrid

The contemporary creation centre in vogue in the city. Its name comes from its original location, the ancient slaughterhouse, refurbished to accommodate art, social consciousness and creativity. This month is just perfect to visit the exhibits, watch a movie in its wonderful film archive and to have a drink in the canteen.

La Eriza

If the idea of a bookbinding workshop sounds boring, wait until you meet La Eriza and Óscar Sánchez, the craftsman behind this peculiar space. He will pass on you the love for an exquisite bookbinding with first class materials. The flashy decoration of the venue is the work of the artist Dean Clayton.

Nomada Market

You must know that markets have become one of Madrid´s biggest attractions. Some of them are new and other have been recovered, like Mercado de La Cebada, where lifelong stands live with independent design festivals like Nomada Market. 6th, 7th and 8th of October. Free entrance!


Promoción del Arte. An old tobacco factory made a very active social and cultural point. Visiting an art exhibit is a genuine experience, given the fact that art works are at home in the different rooms of a building that has only slightly changed. This month: Open House Madrid, contemporary art and Andrés Jaque.

La Carmencita

Madrid´s second most ancient tavern with dishes inspired in its origins around 1845, though not only that, with ecologic products! If you miss your granny´s good food this is the place to bring back to memory a dish made with satisfaction while slow cooked. Order a vermouth and enjoy the beautiful decoration and atmosphere.

Tipos Infames

A glass of wine and a book have always been a good match and this place is the proof. Find the books you are looking for, read Bukowski while savouring a good red, and take a look to the agenda to find out which will be the next book presentation taking place at this pleasant venue.

El Moderno

Concept Store in one of Malasaña´s most reinvented and lively streets (and a few metres from the hotel). Dedicated to the design of “soulful objects”, as they call them, made the old-fashioned way with time and care by young neighbouring designers.