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Mariana Segura - "“Tránsitos”"
From May 23rd to August 23rd.
In this three-dimensional exhibition, Mariana Segura through a box format, merges photographs and texts that, because of how the light is contained in the work-art itself, makes the image or text prevail and therefore provokes very different effects on who is looking at it. In the exhibition we find pictures of the West and the East, from countries such as Yemen, India, Finland, Denmark, or from her place of birth, Granada, in which the permanent confusion between the reflected and the reflection is mirrored. For Mariana, the landscape is never something fixed, perfectly drawn boundaries, but is blurred and for this reason, in each work prevails that kind of confusion between shadow and light, inside and outside. The phrases allude to how immigrants have lost their references and have to rebuild them in an environment that has nothing to do with theirs but have a direct relationship with their own image.
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