Company credits

In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, from July 11th of Information Society Services and Online Commerce Act, follows the identification data of the company.

Corporate name: ISLAMADRID S.L.

Nif/Cif: B35564046
Registered Address: Calle Valverde, 14-16, 28004 Madrid (Madrid-Spain)
I.R.M. of M., Volume 131, Book 0, Folio 189, Section 8, Page IL-3509, Registration 1
Telephone: +34 91 523 46 88


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ISLAMADRID S.L. ensures compliance with the above conditions and the proper usage of web contents and, in case of infraction or non-compliance from the User, shall take appropriate civil or penal action.

Various issues

A.- ISLAMADRID S.L. does not use cookies that are stored in your computer. Cookies are small pieces of data downloaded to a computer by a website, containing details of the preferences of that computer’s user which identify the user when revisiting that website but do not provide us with any personal information. It is necessary that the server recognizes this information in order to communicate and for us to send any requests so your browser can display them on the screen.

B.- ISAMADRID S.L. may change, without prior notice, the information drawn in its webpage, as well as its configuration and layout.

C.- ISLAMADRID S.L. commits on this way NOT TO MAKE MISLEADING ADVERTISING. Hereby, it will not be considered misleading advertising any typos in the different sections of the web of ISLAMADRID S.L., produced by any refresh and/or incomplete or defective upload in any of this sections. ISLAMADRID S.L. thereof, commits to make any corrections as soon as it becomes aware of such errors.

D.- ISLAMADRID S.L. undertakes not to send commercial communications without identifying them as such, in accordance with specifications on the Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Online Commerce Act. In doing so, it will not be considered as commercial communications any information sent to any client of ISLAMADRID S.L., provided its object is to maintain the existing contractual relationship with the company.

E.- ISLAMADRID S.L. is not responsible for the breach of any rule that may incur the user access to the website and/or with the usage of any information therein.

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